2nd Prize at the "Greek Revolution and set to Music Poetry" for the composition "L' ENFANT" for Soprano & Orchestra (Greek National Opera and Greek Composers' Union) 

The work "PARACOSM" (2021, for large orchestra) has beed selected by the Union of Greek Composers to represent Greece at the ISCM World New Music Days 2021 that will take place in Shanghai and Nanning, China, on 17-25 September 2021.

1st Prize at the "1st Composition Competition for Chamber Ensemble in memoriam of Theodore Antoniou"  - "Elysian (Fantasy for Chamber Ensemble)"

"Nikos Skalkotas" International Composition Prize (2019) -"Neottian"

Prize for the "Best Greek Composer under 35 years old" at the Nikos Skalkotas International Composition Competition" (2019) -"Neottian"

3rd National Prize at the "Dimitris Dragatakis" Composition Competition (2019) -"Meteikasma I"

1st Prize at the "ThessPiano Contest" (2019) -"Enargite"

1st Round Finalist at the Antonin Dvoràk International Composition Competition (2018) 

2nd Prize at the University of Macedonia Composition Competition (2010) -"Eos"

Young Conductors/Young Composers II (2019)

Active participation after competition with the work "Fidem" for orchestra. 


"Lament For Theodore" (2020)

by Phasma Music & Iwonna Glinka

"Νanobial" (2020)

by Kompass Ensemble


Athens State Orchestra (2020)

"PALINGENESIS" - Orchestral work for the two hundredth anniversary since the Greek Revolution of 1821

Athens State Orchestra (2020)

"L' AVENIR DE L'OISEAU EN CAGE" - chamber music work commissioned by the Athens State Orchestra for the Greek Presidency of Human Rights

Greek National Opera (2020)

"NAMA" - work for piano solo for the "Piano Festival" of the "Alternative Stage" of the Greek National Opera

InDonnation (2020)

A new work for the internationally awarded female vocal ensemble

Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Megaron) (2019)

"VERS L' ACCORD" -  saxophone quartet for participation at the "Contemporary Music Workshop - 2019"

Larissa Symphony Orchestra (2019)

"The Tree" - three symphonic arias

Aristotle University & Greek Composers Union

"ALEXANDRITE" -solo piano for the "Greek Composers" series of concerts  at Vafopouleio Cultural Centre

Deputy Mayor for Culture in Larissa / under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic (2018)

"OMNYMI" - cantata for symphonic orchestra, male choir, soprano & tenor soloists for the festival "Hippocrates, the Eternal Return" based on the Hippocratic Oath.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Megaron) (2012)

"STIGMA" - work for solo bass clarinet for participation at the "Contemporary Music Workshop - 2012"

Violoncellissimo Ensemble (2012)

"Mythoplasia I" - for violoncello ensemble

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